8 (926) 203-54-83 Karina




Female, teeth complect, level bite, eyes dark brown -


Father: Lambluvs To Russian With Love

Mother: Griland Glamour Bear Cup

HD-А, ED-0

PCD, EIC ( -/+) - carrie

MH, DM, MDR1 (+/+) - clear

Eyes clear  

Test de character in France.

Best Baby (3-5 months) at the Special OES Show in Finland in 2011
Best Junior Female at the Special OES show in Finland in 2012
Reserve Best Bitch at the Special OES show in Finland 2013

BEST IN SHOW - Velikiy Novgorod (Russia) CACIB 2014
2*BEST IN SHOW - Tula (Russia) 2014
BEST IN SHOW - Moscow (Russia), December 2014, club Konrad
res.BEST IN SHOW - Yaroslavl(Russia), August 2015
12*Best In Group, 4*Res.Best In Group, 5*Best In Group-3,
4-Best In Show, 2*3-Best In Show
Best In Show Junior, Res.Best In Show Baby

Winner of show "Eurasia 2013"-1 & BOB
Winner of show "Eurasia 2013"-2 & BOB
Winner of show "Russia 2013"-1 & BOB
Breed Champion 2013, BOB in Golden Collar 2013
Winner of show "Eurasia 2014"-1 & BOB
Winner of show "Russian 2014" -1
Winner of show "Russian 2014" -2, BOB & Best in Group - 3
Breed Champion 2014, BOB in Golden Collar 2014
Breed Champion 2015, BOB
Breed Champion 2017, BOS
Winner of show "Russian 2015" -2, BOB & Best in Group - 3
Winner of show "Russian 2017" -2, BOS

Champion of Central and Eastern Europe in 2015 (Moldova), BOB, BIG
Champion of Central and Eastern Europe in 2016 (Austria), BOB, BIG

Vice European Champion in 2015 (Oslo-Norway)

World Winner 2017, BOS (Russian-Moscow) 

Bobtail Club Champion Russia

Bobtail Club Champion 2017

Russian Club Winner 2014

International Champion
Champion of Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia,Baltic, Finland, Ukraine, Moldavia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czehia, Swis, Belarus, Germany (VDH), France, China, Israil

Дата публикации: 2017-05-08