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Archive news 2015 years


22 December

First photos our V-litter in 2 days

21 December

In our house born Bobtail puppies from Snoopy & Terri, V-litter

We are very very happy. It is very special litter. 3 years ago Tiki (Griland Beauty Bear ) give to us one and only special dream – Terri (Griland Royal Dream Bear) and now Terri is mother Tiki is grand mother . I really happy and proud.
So 7 puppies, 5 males and 2 females.
Happy parents are :
Father : Niedersachsen’s Pride Imagine You ( Blue Point from Home of Crazy Fire*Niedersachsen’s Pride Give’n Take)
HD-A, ED-0 ; eyes clear 2013,2015 ; MDR PCD EIC MH DM – clear
Mother : Griland Royal Dream Bear (Zottels Secret Is Out * Griland Beauty Bear)
eyes clear 2015 ; PCD EIC MH DM – clear

13 December

СAC show ch.RKF in Yaroslavol

Wonderful day and great show. Dog show Ch.RKF in Yaroslavl(Russia).
Thank you very much Алексей for super company !!!
My wonderful star Pufa (Griland Masterpiece) today win BOB, BEST IN GROUP and in final RES.BEST IN SHOW!!!
I really very happy and proud !!!
Thank you very much judge Belkin Alexey!!!

10 December

New photos of puppies

Yesterday we were visiting Katie and looked puppies from Snoopy and Ali. We made the first pictures of each puppy individually in 3 days, you can see by link.

6 December

Super New from Ireland

I very proud and happy !
My big congratulations!!!
Bushka (Griland Always on Stage at Bellablue), Son of Snoopy (Niedersachsen’s Pride Imagin You) and Pufa (Griland Masterpiece) do great work in his first show with super result BOB and res.BIG!!! He is only 8 month old!
Thank you Geraldine !!!

The puppies from Snoopy are born in Moscow

Congratulations Екатерина Кошназарова & Ekaterinu Andreevu with puppies. So 6 puppies: 4 males & 2 females.
Happy father : Snoppy (Niedersachsen’s Pride Imagin You)
Happy mother : Aliya (Blue Reis Antaliy)

More informations in page Puppies from our males.

САС club Konrad, Moscow

I very happy and proud! Kabachek (Griland Choose The Beat) in her 10 month close Junior Russian Champion!
And more win CACj, BOB & in final BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR, BEST IN GROUP & res.BEST IN SHOW !!!
Thank you very much judge Belkin Alexey, Anatoliy Juk, Людмила Краковская!!

5 December

САС & Special Dog Show Club Winner, club Avers (Tula)

Thank you very much Анна Кондратьева for great grooming!!!
This show Myacha close her show carier in puppy class!!!

Special show:
Myachik (Griland Artic Jewel) – 1 vp, Best puppy female!

Kabachek (Griland Choose The Best) – 1 exl, Junior Club Winner & Best Junior!

Zooma (Griland Zum Zum) – 1 exl., CCCH and close Club Champion of Bobtail in Russian!!!

Snoopy (Niedersanches Imagine You) – 2 exl.

Myacha (Griland Artic Jewel) – 1 vp, Best Puppy in Breed & res.BEST IN SHOW PUPPY !!!

Pufa ( Griland Masterpiece) – 1 exl, BOB & BEST IN GROUP !!!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH JUDGE Оксана Гачина (САС) & Karel Horak (Special show).
Congratulations all owners!!!

28 November

ХХ-show Winter 2015

Thank you very much Elena Adamovskaya for show!
Thank you very much Ivan for great photos !
Thank you very much Анна Кондратьева for super grooming!!!
Thank you very much Alla Filatova!
And our result :
Griland Art of Victori (Vika) – 1 v.p, Best puppy breed!
Griland Choose The Best (Kabachek) – 1 exl, CACj, BOBj.

Griland Masterpiece (Pufa) – 1 exl, CAC, BOB & Res.Champion of Champion!

21 November

Hurray, we are wait puppies!!!

Today we do ultrasound and happy say that we wait puppies in middle of December!

More about it you can see in page planing litter!

15 November

Delta Pal 2015 Ch of RKF

So our result from show:
judge Zorica Salijevic (Sweden)
– Batosha (Griland Field The Dream) CACj, BOBJ & new Junior Russian Champion!!!
– Snoopy (Niedersanches Pride Imagine You ) CAC, Ch.RKF, BOB & Res.BEST IN GROUP !!!

– Flash (Griland Fortune N Glory) CAC, BOS, Ch.RKF!!!
Thank you very much Anna Kondratieva for wondwrful grooming !!!
Thank you very much Livanich Liv for great photos!!!

13 November

Wow, our Snoopy will be father soon!

We are very happy to say that in December Snoopy (Niedersanches Pride Imagine You) will be father.

You can see news in page puppies from our males.

31 Oktober

1 November

Russia 2015 & Cup of President Ch.RKF 2015

We are very proud and happy !!!
31/10/2015, judge Margit Brenner (Austria)
Myacha (Griland Artic Jewel) – perspective for deep scissors
Kabachek (Griland Choose The Best) – 2 exl, r.CACj

Snoopy(Niedersanches Pride Imagin you ) CACIB, BOS and this show close Interchampion!!!

And our star Terrie (Griland Royal Dream Bear) – 2 exl, r.САС, r.CACIB

01/11/15, judge Leif-Herman Wilberg (Norway)!

Myacha (Griland Artic Jewel) – 1 very promise, Best puppy in Breed

Kabachek (Griland Choose The Best ) – 1 exl, CACj, Best Junior in Breed

Snoopy (Niedersanches Pride Imagin you ) – 1 exl, CACIB, BOS
And Pufa (Griland Masterpiece) – 1 exl, CACIB, BOB & 3- BEST IN GROUP .

Many thanks to the experts for the high appreciation of our dogs!

A huge thank you to Anna Kondratieva for the great grooming! We are irresistible!!!


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Archive news 2015 years